ceramic coffee mug
  • Quality requirements for ceramic mugs:

  • Quality certification --- internal of mug can pass the USA FDA or En71 part 3, extracting lead/cadmium content test.
  • Quality level--- during manufactur process, mostly process are counter on manmade. There are many uncontrolable situation when clay and glaze meet together on firing process in the kiln. Therefore, any serious defects in mug appearance, they will be eliminated during quality inspection in each production stage.
  • The final products are all above the middle or high grades, but occasional small pin holes or black dot can't avoid, and they are still good for shipment. If customer are looking for special high-quality products, please declare in advance when making an inquiry, and the price will be negotiated separately.
  • The color difference of the artwork in the manufacturing process is hard to prevent due to the kiln temperature.

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