Belle Vie are specialized in ceramic coffee mug field for more than 30 years. customer design are welcome, there are white porcelain mug, New bone china mug, and stoneware mug... different clay for choice . our products including ceramic mug / ceramic mobile phone stand / ceramic water absorb coaster ... , high quality, low price, prompt delivery. If you have plan for mug order,please consider us for your next choice. or, if you have any question for coremic mug, please contact us for more details.

Useful information: Ceramic mug:

1. Porcelain mug / New bone china mug :
    a clay component , 0 to 3% water absorption , thin , so the entire porcelain mug \ New bone china mug feel lighter , glazed with transparent glaze mostly, surface feel glasses, very few do color glaze , firing temperature about 1180 to 1250 ° C , because of different clays , divided into white porcelain mug and New bone china mug ( beige color) . it suitable for microwave and dishwasher use .

2. Stoneware mug ,
    a clay component , 3 to 5% water absorption , thick, so the entire stoneware mug holding heavy feeling , glazed with different color glaze mostly . Firing temperature about 1150 to 1180 ° C . Dishwasher safe , but not recommended for use in microwave oven .

Decal imprintig :
   Artwork use how many colors and size ? will influences mug cost , based on from single color to full colors imprinting, and size from small letter to full wrap around of the mug, cost will different. Decal use silk screen machine,one colors by one color imprinting on a water release paper, then worker stick onto the mug, then spend 2~3 hours around 750 to 820 ° C through kiln fireing process , decal pigments will permanent merge onto mug surface, never fall off , never fade .

Artwork Category :
   Ceramic mug artwork can be divided into two categories : one is spot color design, another are offset full colors process design.

   Spot color--- single colors printion, no gradient. when print on a white ceramic mug. white color desing usually use mug backgrand as white itself , but in the black mug to avoid being absorbed by background color , will add one white color as ground color.

   Offset full colors process design --- artwork have a gradient color patterns , for example, a picture or photo design that full of colors. but ceramic pigments can not show all the colors with CMYK , lack of required color will use match color to fill in , so a full colors artwork sometiome useing more then ten pieces silk screen molds to complate, and decal cost will be higher. link

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