ceramic coffee mug

ceramic decal

  • a reson that affects the mug price is the artwork. mug decal cost is calculated based on the amount of colors of the artwork and the size of the printing area. more colors more costs。
  • artwork accept created by Photoshop or Illustrator,resolution more the 300dpi,please mail original file with another JPG file for text type reference.
  • please indicate each color in pantone solid coated color number(PMS#)for color reference
  • The artwork use silk screen printing on the water release paper with special ceramic pigments。
  • Then manually repost it to the ceramic mug, and then pass through the kiln again at about 750 ~ 820°C, so that the artwork on mug surface are merged together, and they will never fall off and fade.

ceramic coffee mugs, ceramic soup mugs,ceramic travel mugs,porcelain mugs,bone china mugs,stoneware coffee mugs(art designs for reference only,No sale)